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Application for presentation is closed. Selected startups are:

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This page is for all startups that want the opportunity to get up on stage and pitch their startup. The information below will be used to select the top 5 startups, so make your elevator pitch shine (note: less is more!).

Please register for the event as a Startup. You will be asked to enter your elevator pitch, which we will post below.

The selection process is as follows:

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Gurus will vote on : January 7th, 2010
Selected startups will have a prep session on : January 14th, 2010
Selected startups will present on : January 21st, 2010

If you need assistance with your elevator pitch, send an email with your details and we'll do it for you.

Startups that have applied to present

Aksys Networks

Elevator Pitch: The server-less KONNECT™ Office Phone System brings ultimate simplicity and powerful features to the small office customer. It offers a compelling cost structure while supporting both status quo landlines and emerging VoIP services. KONNECT™ offers customers effortless multi-site operation and upward scalabilty options for flexibility and investment protection.

Dinsk, LLP

Elevator Pitch: First SIP/H.323 Videoconferencing Application for iPhone! - Best performance audio(G.729A) and video (H.263+) codecs for iPhone. Windows Mobile and Windows CE. - FullIntegration with SIP and H.323 VoIP ecosystems.

Call Loop LLC

Elevator Pitch: We're the Constant Contact for voice and text. We make it easy to integrate voice broadcastingand text messaging into your business.


Elevator Pitch: Control calls from your own apps. Scalable, truly standard "Asterisk in the cloud" inseconds.

SecureNFC Inc.

Elevator Pitch: We provide a software infrastructure solution to mobile carriers to make it very easy andsecure for consumers to pay with their mobile phones instead f their plastic cards and papercoupons eliminating their wallets from their pockets.


Elevator Pitch: Currently there is not a legal way to record an iPhone conversation native on the phone. We havea project that will resolve this issue.

Zipano Technologies

Elevator Pitch: Zipano is focusing on bringing to market a privacy solution for location based services. We offer a platform that will allow users of LBS more control to decide when, where and with whom they share their information. We show that when users get this kind of control, the amount of sharing goes up - actually doubles - which turns into more valuable mobile applications

MojoUSA, Inc

Elevator Pitch: We are a brand new VoIP service provider that grew from the installation of one VoIP phone system in an attorney's office in an office complex. With no marketing others in the complex started coming to us. eventually we obtained a 100MBps circuit t0 provide services to the surrounding area… and a new startup was born.


Elevator Pitch: We automate the process of phone screening job applicants. This speeds up time-to-hire by 12x.

Buzzeromatic Inc.

Elevator Pitch: Buzzeromatic turns your existing apartment buzzer into a robot doorman from the future, letting you enable passcode entry, voicemail, and multi-resident calling (ala Google Voice) all from your building front door. The service does all it's voodoo over the Twilio-backed telephony lines, so there's no new hardware to install. It's as easy as changing the phone number the buzzer system dials out to, and ussually takes less than 5 minutes to be up and running.

Close-Haul Communications

Elevator Pitch: Close-Haul Communications, Inc. builds hardware systems to provide reliable wireless coverage at 1/10 the cost of conventional cellular networks for the segment of the world’s 2 billion GSM subscribers who find themselves in underserved and neglected markets. We not only seek to eradicate a major source of annoyance for GSM users in both developed and developing countries— poor or non-existent indoor coverage—, but also to offer enabling technology for affordable network deployments in remote locations. Our flagship product, GAPfiller, is optimized for use with OpenBTS, an open-source GSM software stack with an Asterisk VoIP backend, eliminating the need to invest in time-consuming and expensive vendor-specific network equipment integration.

Precision Polling

Elevator Pitch: Precision Polling enables non-profits and political organizations to design and run automated (IVR) phone surveys quickly, easily, and affordably. We are the "Survey Monkey" of phone polls. The service is built on the Twilio cloud communications platforms.


Elevator Pitch: Fonolo was created to provide enterprises with a cloud-based solution to drastically improve the experience of customers calling into their call centers. Fonolo’s platform turns multi-level call center phone trees into visual interfaces, enabling callers to
visualize their options on desktop or mobile screens, select their destination and get connected directly to where they want to be.

Order Mapper Inc.

Elevator Pitch: Order Mapper's free iPhone app "Order Pizza" allows consumers to order pizza from ANY pizzeria! The order is converted to a Twilio phone call and pizzerias pay for each order. Future versions will feature full menus, credit card processing, and more.


Elevator Pitch: OtherNum is a Virtual PBX, built on Twilio's Asterisk in the Cloud architecture, that allows a small business or startup to have the sophisticated phone presence of a company 10 times its size. It can be setup in minutes and there are no setup fees or contracts. Get started with voicemail, conferencing, extensions and more at today!

Yap Inc.

Elevator Pitch: Yap is a pioneer in the field of fully automated voicemail to text transcription services. Our hosted solutions, deployed at several US-based wireless carriers and hosted enterprise IP-PBX service providers, enable significan new revenue opportunities for our customers and a highly sought out service for their subscribers.

21st Century Telecommunications, Inc.

Elevator Pitch: The Company is creating the nation’s 1st minority-owned superstation and multimedia network including broadcast, interactive messaging, broadband and mobile specific content to cell phones. It will become the 1st fully sustainable “green telecommunications” firm in the United States.


Elevator Pitch: Vooices is an Interaction platform which takes what is possible with telephony systems to the next level. Vooices allows users to interact with content (webpages,videos, adverts,etc) by using their voice, sms, email or even their android or iphone device. Have a look at our demo at - its voice controlled javascript.

Tickets Suck

Elevator Pitch: Tickets Suck. They are easy to avoid you only need a reminder call at the right time and date. Tweet @tixsux a date, time, and phone# and we will do just that. Save yourself $50 next time you park in the city. campaign

Elevator Pitch: " campaign sends notifications to your phone number lists and receives your customers' responses. It is a unified cloud notification platform that sends outgoing notifications, understands them and responds in real time.

Ditech Networks

Elevator Pitch: First ever personal conference call manager. Uses a variety of telecom pieces.

T2BEAM Technologies AG

Elevator Pitch: Athlosoft delivers innovative mobile phone-based solutions to outdoor sports enthusiasts, practically to anyone with a GPS capable smartphone (previously available only to high-end sports professionals). Together with our sensors and software, we integrate today’s practical technologies (GPS, smartphone, GPRS, Bluetooth, ANT+, internet) to make the sports activity more enriching, thus making the mobile phone into a sports companion. Our goal is to make it also a health companion. Our live tracking portal adds a new dimension to sporting events and also provide new dimension to the sports broadcasting companies with our live telemetry capabilities. The internet pages becomes a complementary channel to the TV broadcast of a sports event. The Swiss Tortour cycling event in AUG 2009, used our solution. In these 48 hours, we had 6’527 unique visitors, 1. 47 Mio hits, and an average view time of 20 minutes / per visitor.

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